Tour Formentera on a motorcycle

Touring Formentera on a motorcycle is an experience that you should enjoy at least once in your life, and getting to know our island on two wheels is a real pleasure. Beautiful landscapes to admire, new paths to travel, incredible beaches to discover, many places to visit. Happiness is, without a doubt, being on holidays and if it’s riding a motorcycle, even more!

They say that there are three things that each person should do during their lifetime: plant a tree, have a child and write a book, we can add a fourth: tour Formentera on a motorcycle and if it is from Formotor, even better. =)

Those of you who have already done it know that riding a  motorcycle has many advantages and even more so on an island like Formentera.

Being a small island it is an ideal vehicle, you blend in more with the environment, you enjoy the sea breeze, you can ride through narrow paths that you would miss with a car, you avoid some traffic jams in the busiest places during  high season, you park easily and you spend less fuel.

On a motorcycle, each route is lived in a different way, each kilometre is enjoyed, there is no rush to reach the destination since the road is what matters, each metre travelled is valued and with the light and essence of the island you will definitely enjoy this experience, always driving safely and never forgetting your helmet.

This summer 2022 we have a special discount for motorcycle rental with the code FORYOU that you can use when you book your motorcycle  on our website

Exploring Formentera on a motorcycle is probably  the most practical way to travel, for the freedom of movement and the easier parking. Although depending on how many you are and the plan you have, a car is also a good option for touring the island. Most beaches and places of interest have parking space. Outside of the high season months you should find no problem parking anywhere you go.

You can also choose to rent an electric car, the island will thank you, it is an amazing way to explore Formentera and has plenty of autonomy for that. There are several recharging points around the island.  Here you can find all the information.

We are waiting for you with your motorcycle or car ready so you can enjoy Formentera!