Three plans in Sant Ferran that you cannot miss during your holidays in Formentera

If you go to Formentera for only a day or the weekend you will have to choose the places to visit. Although it is a small island, it is full of places that you will not want to miss.

This post is not intended for those who want to hurry through the island, but rather for those who go with time to enjoy it.

If you are planning to come to Formentera for a few days during Ester, a spring break or for your summer holidays, take good note because this is going to interest you.

San Ferran is a small village with much more charm that it would seem at first sight. A small square with its church, a pedestrian street, terraces, bars full of stories and a very good atmosphere on summer nights.

Its location, in the centre of the island, makes it a good destination to stay during your holidays to discover Formentera from end to end without spending too much.

Here are three plans in Sant Ferran that you cannot miss during your holidays in Formentera:

1. Contemplate the life of the people in your square

As in most small towns in Spain, the “plaza” (or square) is the place where much of the village’s life happens. So you have fun assured, sit in one of the bars around and let yourself be carried away by whatever happens. Some nights, especially during the summer, there is live music and a lot of good atmosphere.

2. Walk through the craft market

Beautiful handicraft stalls turn the main street of San Ferran into an outdoor art gallery, from June to October. In them you will find an exceptional sample of the art of the island through the creations of its artisans and artists. In addition, some days of the week the artists themselves give workshops so that children can learn and enjoy doing things with their own hands.

3. Discover the most historic bar on the island

The “Fonda Pepe” maintains part of the hippy spirit that made it famous decades ago. Go ahead and discover all the stories with some wine and, why not, a delicious paella.

These are the most outstanding plans, but the true charm of San Ferran is something you will have to discover yourself on your next visit to the island. And remember to book your vehicle with Formotor!