The best beach in Formentera

The smallest of the Pitiusas, with its paradisiac beaches, has little to envy to any exotic place in the Caribbean. Each of its coves and beaches has something characteristic that makes it special and unique. Choosing only one of them as the best beach in Formentera is an impossible mission.

Since everybody has their own favourite based on several factors: the sand, the colour of its waters, the environment that surrounds it … Or depending on the atmosphere, the nearby beach bars, if it is good for snorkelling or for walking. To go with the family, with friends or alone. Or to get there by car, motorcycle, bike or walking.

As it is not possible to choose only one, we asked different people to tell us the one they prefer. And two beaches have been the most mentioned:

Illetas beach

Illetas is the first one that comes to mind for being the best known and the one that usually gets mentioned in the rankings of the world’s best beaches.

The truth is that it has almost everything. You can get there walking, or by bike or on any type of transport. Of course, there is a limited parking space and in summer that means queues and waiting. So it is better to avoid the motorbike and the car during these months. You can dive, take long walks and find a quiet corner to disconnect even in mid-August.

There are several “chiringuitos” (beach bars) in which to give yourself a treat. But if you want to spend a day at the beach, without leaving an arm and a leg, it is better to prepare a good picnic. And most important of all, take enough water, if you do not want to have hallucinations like looking for an oasis in the middle of the desert.

The beach of Es Pujols

Its waters are also transparent, the sand is white and it has areas with rocks for you to enjoy with your goggles and tube. But in contrast to Illetas it has many more services and is much more accessible.

Being the beach of the village, you have all kinds of shops at your disposal: supermarkets, bars and restaurants for all kinds of pockets. It is a beach to enjoy with the family and to have a good lunch with friends without going bankrupt.

Two very different beaches that you should not miss if you come to visit Formentera. And for you, what is the best beach in Formentera?