Low cost plans in Formentera

This paradisiac island is a dream for every beach lover. A dream many have fulfilled and many others have yet to make true.

If you are one of those who have this trip pending for economic reasons, we encourage you to make new plans after this article.

Maybe this time you can finally come to your dream island!

It is true that the biggest expense to get to Formentera is transport.

If you book flights in advance and avoid high-tourist dates you can find cheap flights to Ibiza. Look at low cost airlines and you will be surprised by the offer.

The boat from Ibiza to Formentera is another cost to consider, but you can find one-way tickets around € 10.

To move around the island you have several options: the most economical will be the bicycle or public transport. Although you can also find interesting offers in car rental companies.

In Formotor, using the code FORYOU when booking your motorcycle or car online you get a discount. Depending on the days you want to come, it can be quite economical. And it is definitely worth it to make the most of the days you come.

Accommodation is another major expense, especially in Formentera. During low season months you can find good offers in the hotels that remain open.


Rent a bike in our office first thing in the morning and spend the day in one of the most beautiful beaches in the world: Ses Illetes.

Remember to take enough water and food with you because there is nowhere there where you can buy. During low season because everything is closed and during high season because everything you will find open is very expensive.

Rent a small vehicle to move around and look for accommodation in the centre of the island. If you organize your days well, you will be able to discover its villages and some of its beaches.

To save on food, what better restaurant than the beach itself?

Although, do remember to take back everything you bring, trash included. If we want Formentera to remain a paradise we must become aware of the footprint we leave and try to reduce it to a minimum.

We have proved it: It is possible to enjoy Formentera without it costing you an arm and a leg. If you have any more ideas or advice leave them in comments.

We want everyone to come to this beautiful Mediterranean island!