How about a holiday in without leaving your home?

These are times to be united, to think positively, to take advantage of time and value everything we have. It is also time to escape, imagine and daydream to make days and nights more enjoyable. We want to send you best wishes and to share with you a little bit of our island, a different holiday in Formentera.

We want you to experience your first stay-at-home holidays in Formentera, you can come with whoever you want, you do not need any luggage, just take five minutes of your time and read the lines that follow.

Enjoy your holidays in Formentera!

You have arrived at Formentera on the ferry and you have been able to feel the movement of the sea, the scent, the breeze. You already feel more relaxed and a surge of well-being and disconnection fills you. Your brain needs a well-deserved holiday.

From the moment you step on land you find a great feeling of peace and you even start sleeping better, maybe due to the calm sound of the waves, the beautiful colours of the island, the breathtaking landscapes or just the calm that surrounds you.

Close your eyes and try for a moment to listen to the sea, feel the breeze on your face, and breathe the pure air of nature.

Now we start our route, you will see and enjoy beaches with crystal clear waters, turquoise horizons and fine white sand. Charming villages, with its squares and streets to walk, craft stalls and live music to enjoy. Lighthouses full of stories, even protagonists of books and movies, on infinite cliffs where you can shout out to the wind and enjoy the most beautiful sunsets. Nature in its purest form, paths to lose yourself and reach unknown places, old mills, fig trees with history or secret beaches. Watchtowers in case the pirates return. And typical gastronomy of Formentera with its traditional dishes and desserts and to finish it all, a toast so that everything goes well.

The end of the trip! We hope you liked it and that you have been disconnected for a few minutes. At this time, you can’t get on a plane or a boat, but you can think about your next trip, plan and organize it. And, if your chosen destination is Formentera, you can experience all of the above in first person.

Now it’s best to stay at home, but when everything returns to normal, we will be delighted to welcome you, we are waiting for you with our island more beautiful than ever and our vehicles ready to take you wherever you want.