Tips for moving around Formentera during high season

Formentera is one of the preferred destinations during the summer months, and therefore during the high season, especially during July and August, the island has a high influx of tourists and since we want you to really enjoy your holidays to Formentera here are some tricks and tips for you to be in your element this summer:

  • We recommend renting a car or a motorbike because although there is public transport, it is true that if you want to travel the whole island you are a bit limited and there are places that you will not be able to discover unless you go with your own vehicle.
    • For the more adventurous, the motorbike is an ideal vehicle, parking is much easier although the car is always safer and has other pros such as air conditioning or a trunk to store the beach umbrella and bags.
  • Best-known beaches and therefore most concurred, are best visited first thing in the morning, as you may have to wait long queues outside the car park because the parking capacity is limited and you have to wait for cars to come out to get yours in, which means you run the risk of losing part of your holiday time waiting in queues.
  • You should also know that if you rent an electric vehicle you have priority over regular gasoline cars and some parking spots are reserved for these type of vehicles since Formentera is well known for its care for the environment and sustainability. Be sure to notify the people in charge of the parking that your car is electric.
  • Draw out a route list with the places you want to visit and ask in our offices when you come to rent the vehicle or at your hotel reception which are the most concurred times and places so you can plan in advance and no queue will catch you by surprise. This is especially important when travelling with children. Forewarned is forearmed!

But the most important thing is to enjoy your days in Formentera because with more or less people it is still a paradise like no other. You can always choose to visit us at any time of the year, there are even months when you will have the island only to yourself.