Let’s teleport ourselves to Illetas beach right now!

The beach of Illetas is known as one of the best in the world according to some Internet platforms. It is a good headline that has made the beach, and the entire island, highly popular.

But Illetas is much more than a headline or a write-up.

I propose you a game. How about we teleport ourselves there right now so that you can understand first hand the reason for its fame?

It’s easy, but you have to let yourself live the moment. Do you remember the Mary Poppins film in which the protagonists jumped into a painting? Well let’s do the same inside the next photo.


Get prepared to close your eyes when you read the word ‘blue’. With your eyes closed, breathe deeply, counting slowly up to three and letting go of the air very slowly trying to hear the sound of the sea. When you get to hear it open your eyes and keep reading.


With the sound of the sea in the background, imagine very thin white sand under your feet. Under the sun rays you can see how the white turns pinkish. You walk feeling the warmth of the sand and the softness in each step.

You head towards the sea, so the sand becomes cooler and more comforting. You feel the breeze in your hair and refreshing  your face. You breathe deeply and listen to the sound of the water more intensely. You close your eyes and you feel the smell of the sea, the fresh air … and your lungs and your whole body are filled with pure life.

You open your eyes and with your feet now in the water, you fall in love at first sight with the colours that you have in front of you. Blues, greens and turquoises merge in a magical way.

You walk a few steps, and you realize that the water is so transparent that you can see your feet and some little fish swimming happily around them. And the only thing you can think of is wanting to be one of them to swim in that spectacular water.

Without a second thought you dive in, you let yourself be wrapped in the freshness and cleanliness of the sea and you feel how each of your cells wake up and renew  themselves at every second.

It is such an incredible feeling that from that moment you are hooked forever to that sea, to that beach and to the island of Formentera.

Now do you understand why Illetas is one of the world’s best beaches?