Reach nirvana on your next holiday in Formentera

If you are thinking about your next destination for your holidays and you don’t have it very clear yet, I am going to give you several reasons for Formentera to be the chosen place.

1. Paradise is closer than you think

You will be able to travel the world and invest long hours of airplanes to the Riviera Maya, Thailand, the Mauritius Islands, Cuba… but it will be difficult for you to find such paradisiacal beaches as those of Formentera. It is undoubtedly what makes the island unique in the world.
The transparent waters mixed with celestial and turquoise tones… are not only a gift for the sight but for all the senses.

2. You can reach nirvana without becoming a Buddhist.

Bathing on its beaches and scuba diving moves to a fantasy world not even imagined before. Immerse yourself in that clear and perfect water and look at the horizon and only observe the infinite beauty of its range of colors will be as close as you are to nirvana.

3. Add new pleasures to your list

Mediterranean gastronomy is known all over the world for how healthy and tasty it is and on Formentera, they make it their flag.
Let yourself be surprised by some of the typical dishes of the island with so delicious rice dishes that you will be sucking your fingers for weeks. Lobster is one of its star products, both in rice and served with fried eggs and fries.

4. Authenticity, culture and traditions

No matter how much tourism and international influences the island receives every year, it still maintains its essence, without losing its traditions. A visit to the island will take you to know the most authentic Formentera: its customs, its dresses and dances, its way of working the land, its architecture… And you will discover that no matter how much time goes by, there are still corners that remain virgin and authentic.


Whether it’s a romantic getaway and a trip with friends or the whole family, Formentera is a destination that won’t leave you indifferent. The sensations you will experience and the moments you will live will be memories that will remain for a long time not only in your social networks but also in your soul. And that’s what holidays are for, to enjoy, disconnect and fill the soul with happy moments.