A heartfelt thank you, from Formotor, for choosing us one more year

It’s time to look back, see how far we have come and celebrate together all we have achieved. It’s also time to look forward, think about new goals and dreams and keep moving forward and making plans to offer you the best service for another year.


Without you it would not have been possible

We have achieved our goals, to be one of the best valued car rental companies in Formentera.

We have a great team of professionals who have given their best to offer you all an impeccable service.

We have grown as a company and renovated and expanded our offices, to offer a better service and greater comfort to all of you, our customers.

We have improved and expanded our fleet, to offer the best vehicles for all your needs and we have also expanded the options of electric cars because we are committed to taking care of our environment.

All our effort has been rewarded, thanks to you. We want to thank all our customers, suppliers and collaborators for being by our side, one more year. We will continue to give you all our best.


Let’s take care of the planet

From Formotor, we want to appeal to common sense and humanity to take care of the planet and especially of ecosystems as fragile as Formentera.

We must all become aware of the need to protect the planet against pollution and the overexploitation of resources and act with common sense and responsibility. In the last hundred years the actions of humanity have caused great harm. We still have time to stop an ecological disaster and rescue our planet.

There are small gestures we can do in our day to day for this:

  • Save water. Turn off the tap and reuse when possible.
  • Make responsible use of motor vehicles. Use when really necessary.
  • Save electric energy. Turn off lights, disconnect electrical appliances, take advantage of solar energy.
  • Reduce waste. Use reusable utensils, avoid plastic and aluminium, consume only what is necessary.
  • Separate garbage and consume recycled products. Do not throw trash on the streets.
  • Buy with intelligence. Consume local products, organic fruits and vegetables. Bring reusable cloth bags to avoid using plastic ones, buy clothes from materials that are not derived from petroleum, use fewer industrial detergents, you can use pure soap, it’s biodegradable and non-toxic.
  • Take good care of the planet’s lungs, don’t cause fires, don’t throw litter nor mistreat nature.