Formentera, a perfect island for travelling with children

Formentera is an ideal destination for travelling with the whole family. The youngest members of the family will enjoy an unforgettable holiday surrounded by nature, with paradisiacal beaches and a wide range of activities for all ages.

Travelling with children to Formentera is comfortable and easy

  • The accommodation is usually no more than 20-25 minutes from the furthest point of the island. You can reach any place and any activity quickly, without wasting time on the road!
  • The beaches are crystal clear, calm, warm and safe for children, always surrounded by nature and fresh air.
  • The island’s climate makes any month of the year perfect for a visit, spring and autumn are months when you can still take a dip and there is not as much tourism as in high season

What to do with children in Formentera

There is a wide range of activities to do with children of different ages by sea or land in Formentera, you can get information at the tourist offices.

We love an activity proposed by Turismo de Formentera: a Gymkhana to discover the natural and historical heritage of the island as a family. Accompanied by two fictional children’s characters called Trobi (a tourist visiting Formentera for the first time) and Tana (a lizard who lives on the island and shows him his favourite places), a tour of ten places of interest is made. Participants visiting and activating at least six of the ten points, will be given a small
gift at the Tourist Information Offices. Click here for more information.

Beaches, charming villages, trails to discover, walks, markets, gastronomy….

Any place you visit and any activity you do in Formentera as a family will be an adventure for the little ones. What’s more, the wonderful and beautiful scenery will make you want to frame all your family photos.

The type of vehicle you should choose depends on the number of family members and their age. Ask our team if you have any questions and we will be happy to help you.

Remember to make your reservation in in advance, especially if you visit us in high season. See you soon!