The funniest party of the year: Flower Power Formentera 2019

During the summer months Formentera lives its maximum splendor in terms of activities and events.

The sporting events that take place during the cooler months give way to open air concerts, streets markets and music.

But without doubt the most anticipated event in the smallest island of the Pitiusas is the Flower Power.

Colours and music invade the streets and the spirit of freedom and love preached by the hippies of the 60s and 70s expands and spreads among everybody.

Children, young and old go out to enjoy with family and friends this magical night of laughter and dancing.

How to feel part of the most anticipated event of the year?

No dress code, just go out and have fun. Dress your hair with flowers or put on a wig, colourful necklaces, the most striking t-shirt you can find … and you’re ready to be part of the party.

The only important thing is to have a good time, so anything you wear will be fine, from Hawaiian or flamingo shirts to flowered, multi coloured skirts and any accessories you have at home for the head, neck and arms.

In the afternoon small children are the protagonists of the party, with different activities designed for them to develop their creativity.

And when the night comes the music takes over the main square of the town, together with colourful lights and projections to complete the atmosphere.

Don’t expect pure reggaeton or electronic music, what you’re going to hear are all those songs that you sang out loud when you were a youngster or even younger. That’s why the party is so fun, because it allows you to go back to your childhood and youth. It’s like a time machine!

The first and most important Flower Power party is at San Francesc, on July 20.

If you needed an excuse to visit the island during July, what better reason than one of the most popular parties of the year?

With or without a hippie soul in you, your inner child is asking to come out. To sing out loud all your favourites: Sabrina, Julio Iglesias or Rafaela Carrá.

And there is no better place in the world to rest from a night of dancing and laughter, than in one of the idyllic beaches of Formentera.