Autumn in Formentera

September marks the moment when the island begins her annual period of rest and recovery.

For the island and her nature, the summer months are hard due to the large number of
tourists who visit. Many care for her, respect her and try to make the least possible impact. But
others, more unconscious, pollute, litter and destroy everything they find on their way.

With autumn comes her moment of healing. Tourists who come during these months are more
calm and responsible. They seek peace and quiet, contact with nature and to enjoy the
beaches, villages and corners. And the island can feel and thank that pampering and care.

The cleanest beaches void of tourists and street vendors retain their incredible bluish, greenish
and turquoise colours.

The temperature during these months is perfect: warm during the day and cooler in the
afternoon and evening. This makes the walks and hikes so much more enjoyable.

In fact, Formentera has more than 20 green routes where you can truly discover her essence.

Autumn is undoubtedly the best season for sports. The weather is still very good and the sea
temperature is still warm. So you can still enjoy a pleasant dip after a day of running or cycling.

And it is also the start of the season of more demanding and exciting sports competitions, such
as the Triathlon Illa de Formentera and the Volta cicloturista Formentera and BTT La Mola.

Also, with the decline in tourism, you will find reduced prices in accommodation, restaurants
and other services. And the gastronomic weekends begin!

During these weekends in which the cuisine of the island is the protagonist, the best
restaurants create delicious menus at a fixed price, much more accessible to all budgets.

And let’s not forget the regional festivities, which return us to the roots of the villagers, the
culture and the traditions. In October the popular festivities of El Pilar are celebrated in La Mola and in early December the festivities of San Francesc Xavier.

Nature, sport, gastronomy and culture are autumn’s main attractions in Formentera. A
getaway to the island during these months is finding a true connection with beauty, peace and

What are you waiting for to plan a short holiday this autumn in Formentera?