A year to be thankful

This year everything has been different, for us, for you, for everyone. 2020 has turned us all upside down, has made us look at things from different angles and see beyond our usual point of view.

A year in which we’ve all had to be responsible and ensure the safety of our loved ones and of society. A year in which we have all learned many things, a year to be thankful despite everything.

From Formotor we want to say THANK YOU:

To all the regular visitors to the island who have continued to trust Formentera as a top holiday destination, to those who have not been able to come this year, to those who have visited it for the first time, to those who have dreamed of it from your homes and to all those who are now gone.

To all our clients, for placing your trust in us, with a special mention to all those who, with great enthusiasm, have kept their booking until the last moment but who finally had to cancel or postpone.

To all our collaborators, for adapting so well in such a difficult year and continuing to trust our services. Together we have made 2020 a little less bad, a little better.

To the entire business sector of the island. Thanks to our flexibility and adaptation to the new normal, we have managed to keep Formentera as a safe place for holidays.

To all the organizations for their good work and social responsibility.

To our team, for their great work, adaptability and responsibility, together we are better.

And, above all, our thank you to our island Formentera, for showing us your great beauty and splendor in such a complicated year, giving us the strength to continue fighting for what we do best.

At Formotor we will continue to learn and improve every day to be by your side and make your holidays a great one on wheels. We hope to see you all very soon.

Our best heartfelt wishes. Merry Christmas and a Happy 2021.