Why book your vehicle in Formentera and how to do it?

With its 83.2 km2, Formentera is the smallest of the Balearic Islands. In the summer months, this island of small dimensions multiplies its population exponentially.

The number of residents increases, whether workers or vacationers who enjoy their second home on the island. And of course, the number of tourists also increases when they come to visit, for a few days or weeks, or on a one-way express trip from its neighbour island, Ibiza.

That is why if you have already planned a visit to Formentera for this summer, start booking in advance as much as you can. The accommodation, of course, but also other concepts such as your means of transport on the island, and even a table if you want to visit one of its best-known restaurants.

In addition, many accommodations and transport companies make offers for these advanced reservations. So as well as securing the room, your place on the ferry or transport on the island, you can save a few euros.

How to book your transport?

To get to Formentera you need to travel first to Ibiza, and take a ferry from there to the port of La Savina.

On the website proximoferry.com you can find all the schedules of the ferries that leave every day. It is very useful because you get to see everything at a glance.
The prices vary a lot, as well as the comfort of the boats and the time of the trip, so inform yourself before choosing yours. Almost all companies have low-cost offers at certain times, and you can find round-trip tickets for the day for around € 20.

Once you get to the port you will find different car rental offices to move around Formentera.

Since ferries usually arrive at similar times and all the passengers arrive at the same time, long queues are usually formed in the summer months. Therefore, it is best to book your vehicle in advance, either online or by phone.

To enhance this reservation and facilitate the tourist reception of the vehicle, some of the companies establish direct discounts if you book through their website. So, as well as making sure you get a vehicle, you wait less in queue and you also save.

To avoid surprises, it is best to book with a company based on the island, with its own workshop and a good reputation such as Formotor. We like to take care of you so that you repeat and recommend us!