The ideal vehicle to tour Formentera

The best way to get to know Formentera is to rent a vehicle, a car or a motorcycle, and spend the day touring around the island. It is worth spending several days to explore and really get to know the island. It is an ideal destination to visit alone, with your partner, with friends or family.

Formentera is a wonderful island that you have to discover and fully enjoy. A weekend getaway is a perfect plan during any time of the year, but spending a whole week in Formentera is even better. There is also the option jetting over for a daytrip and since it is small, you can visit some of the main highlights.  Either way, you are going to need a vehicle.

Which vehicle is the best for touring Formentera?

Whether you come to spend a day, a weekend or a whole week, a vehicle in Formentera is important. Here are our recommendations so that you can choose the appropriate car for your holidays in Formentera:

If you travel with a partner:

The best idea is to rent a motorcycle. It will give you total freedom to tour the entire island. You can drive everywhere easily, save up on fuel and park with no problems. The Honda Vision 110 cc is a good option, very easy to drive.

For family travel:

The best choice is a vehicle that is comfortable, spacious and comfortable. And if it is a little higher, even better, since you will travel more secure and at ease. A good option is, for example, the Citroen C3 Aircross.

If you are on holidays with friends:

The choice will depend on how many friends you come with! You can choose to travel by motorcycle, car or even a mini-van if your friends are many! The important thing is that you can all tour the island together. We have many options in our vehicle fleet. Check them out!

If you are concerned about your ecological footprint:

Then electric vehicles are your best choice. Zero emissions, no noise pollution. You will save on fuel and you will park without problems since some spaces are reserved for electric vehicles and in some parkings electric vehicles don’t pay. If you want a more compact vehicle, choose the Renault Zoe, if you need something more spacious, the Kia Soul is your best option.

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