Thank you for a wonderful 2018 together

With the end of the year we all get a little more emotional, and that is why we would like to dedicate this last post of 2018 to all of you, because without you none of this would be possible.

To our followers

To all of you, who throughout the year follow all our publications, our advice and share your photos and articles with your friends.

To all of you who read our blog about the island, about things to do, about the beaches and villages to visit. And not only that, but you also share them with your friends and followers, too.

We would like to thank you for continuing to be there after so many publications, articles on the blog, and after so many photos and messages. You are still there with us, commenting and sharing.

We can only say thank you, thank you and thank you.

To our customers

To all of you who come back each season, who know that you are at home with us, who know that we have your back.

To those who come throughout the year and with a simple call or message you book with us again and again. Because we have created a bond of friendship beyond work, and it is a pleasure to feel you like a part of Formotor.

To those who share your experience with your friends and acquaintances. To those who leave your opinion in different Internet portals, be it good or not so good, and those who recommend our company. It may be a small gesture on your part but it is of great value to us.

To all of you, who do not need to compare prices with other car rental companies, because you know that you are in the best hands and that makes us part of your holidays every year.

We would like to send you a huge hug of gratitude for continuing to trust and believe in us and on our staff.

To our friends and family

To all of you who support us every day in this adventure and especially when we have to make important decisions.

To you, who continue to love us despite the long days of work during the season, despite the days of tiredness and dark circles under the eyes and not so good humor.

We GIVE YOU AN INFINITE THANK YOU because without you Formotor would not exist and our lives would be a little more grey. We love you very much! Happy Holidays!