Ses Illetes, one of the best beaches in Formentera and the world

This spectacular beach of the north of Formentera is considered by several media as one of the best beaches, not only of Spain but of the world.

The reason cannot be explained in words, you have to go, feel it and live it for yourself.

If you are an avid traveller, surely you have been to numerous beaches of white sand and waters of infinite colours. But this beach has something else, something wild, something deep that makes you feel, not only that you are on a beautiful beach, but that you are in paradise.

To get to Illetes, first you have to get to Formentera, in the ferries that leave from Ibiza or in your own boat. It is one of the closest beaches to the Port of La Savina, so its access is very easy with any type of vehicle, or even on foot.

Our recommendation is that you rent a bicycle to get to the beach. Besides being a fun option, it is healthier for you and the environment.

The most important thing to enjoy a day at the beach in Illetas is to be well prepared!

If you intend to spend an entire day at the beach, you should know that except for 4 restaurants, there are no shops around. So it is key that you make sure you carry enough supplies for a whole day, as well as sun protection or umbrella, sun-hats etc.

Besides this, it is not necessary to plan anything else. The hours will fly by on this dreamy beach where simply observing (the horizon or your feet underwater) will become a pleasant experience.

If you like to swim and practice snorkelling, you will spend hours like a fish moving from one place to another. The water is so transparent that you can not believe it is real, and you will enjoy diving a lot in this privileged environment.

Read, do crossword puzzles, play beach tennis, cards, or just sunbathe. Whatever makes you happy, except look at your phone.

Looking at screens should be forbidden, instead, you should let be seduced and enamoured by the wonderful nature that surrounds you.

So now you know, reserve one day to live one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, to connect with the true beauty of Formentera and to reconnect with yourself.

You will not go back home the same, nor to your hotel. You will return full of the magic and energy of Illetas.


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