Formotor’s 2019 resolutions

2019 is here and we have not even noticed! And as in each new year, it is time to reflect on what we have achieved and set new goals for the coming year.

Our 2018 resolutions were about you, our customers and followers. We resolved to give you a better, faster service with excellent attention.

And for this 2019 we also want to focus on our beautiful island.

This new year’s goal is to take care of our island a little more. And to make others, neighbours, tourists, residents or friends, more aware, so that they respect, pamper and value it more.

She is our great treasure. Without her transparent waters, white sand beaches, “sargantanas”, junipers, fig trees and olive trees … everything would be different. She would not be the jewel of the Mediterranean where we live.

So, in this 2019 we promise to be more aware of:


To not leave any kind of garbage on the beach. Nothing at all. No plastic, bags, cans … and of course, no cigarette butts. It is not so difficult, just as you take it to the beach you can bring it back, either to your home or to the nearest trash.

And the same in the island’s roads and highways. A single cigarette butt in mid-summer can turn into a catastrophe.


Most tourists do not know that the largest and oldest living organism in the world lives in our waters. And not only that, it is also responsible for the spectacular colour of the sea so we can enjoy the beautiful white sand beaches.

That’s why we have to keep talking about “Posidonia”, so that not one more boat anchors on it. Not one more person complaining about “filthy” seaweed.

It’s not seaweed, it’s “posidonia”!


There are still many tourists who come to spend a few days, that think that since they are on holidays and not in their city or country, they have a free pass to do whatever they want. Our mission is to make it clear that things are not like that, that they should take care of Formentera, her nature and everything she offers for our enjoyment.

We know that it is a difficult resolution, since it does not depend only on us. But we trust that little by little it will be achieved.