Ode to Formentera


The smallest Pitiusa is much more than an island.

It is a place of connection, reflection, rest and enjoyment.

It is a place to discover that life is wonderful.

Life is beautiful in Formentera.


Its waters, so transparent, transport you to remote places.

Its beaches, of fine sand and unusual shapes, make you forget your worries.

Its nature, wild and pure, awakens each of your senses.

Paradise exists in Formentera.


Colours in the sea like you’ve never seen before

Steep cliffs and deep caves

Skies that break in uncountable shades

The ancient gods lived in Formentera.


Sensation of infinity and evanescence.

And yet so ephemeral and imperishable.

Where there are no clocks nor alarms.

Time stops in Formentera.


Stories of families travelling with the years

Dwellers coming from the five continents

Visitors approaching from nearby planets

A melting pot of cultures, Formentera.


It is life, it is beautiful, it is paradise, it is a star.

it is wine, it is siesta, it is laughter, it is a party.

it is peace, it is a fig tree, it is a  carob and turquoises.

Our most precious treasure is Formentera.