Holidays in Formentera, soon!

These past weeks weeks we have been able to travel from home to our favourite places thanks to the Internet. Many of you have done so to Formentera, remembering previous trips, dreaming of our paradisiacal beaches with white sand and turquoise waters, evening walks, colourful markets, pure nature, the peace and quiet of our island. The good news is that soon you will not have to dream so much, holidays in Formentera will once more be a reality!

Other years, at this time in Spring, we would have already enjoyed a lot of sunny outdoor days and we would also have planned our summer holidays, and you would have surely planned your holidays to Formentera. Other years we would have been working for months by now, welcoming all those visitors in love with the island that come back every year.

This year everything has been different, we have all made a great sacrifice staying at home, in lockdown, or social distancing, for the common wellbeing and the health of millions of people, deeply regretting all those that have left us during this time. We have valued the great work that many groups do in our society, especially in the healthcare sector. We have learned to appreciate all those little things in life. We have spent more time with our loved ones and if that has not been possible, we have recognised how important they are to us. We have learned patience in great doses, and not to plan what we will do tomorrow. We have been able to have time to think about how we lived and how we really want to live, what we like, what we want, what we don’t like and what we don’t want. We have given the planet a break by reducing pollution, letting flowers grow where they had stopped growing and stopping, for some time the unfortunate human destruction of nature. And so much more.

Holidays will soon be back in Formentera and all this will surely have helped us to enjoy more of this natural paradise. To take care of it, because life has taught us to value what is beyond our windows, our balconies or the doorsteps of our houses. From now on we will live the good times with intensity, we will have fun like never and travel will be a beautiful, precious gift.

We trust that step by step, all countries will return to normality, or rather, to a new normality. At Formotor we will be waiting for you more eager than ever.

Don’t give up on your summer holidays in Formentera and book your vehicle with us! Our policy includes free change and/or cancellation up to 48 hours before the vehicle is collected so you can cancel your booking free of charge until the last moment. That way you can start planning your trip now, you can be sure to have a vehicle during your holidays without the worry of losing your money if things don’t progress like we all wish.

We at Formotor will apply all the necessary protocols for the safety of our clients and our team. We hope to see you here soon!