What to see in Formentera: Es Migjorn beach

If you come to Formentera, whether for several days or just for a few hours, you will surely visit some of its beaches, as the turquoise color of its waters and its transparency are unique all over the world.

Each of its coves and beaches has something special that makes it unique and different characteristics to satisfy the tastes of all types of visitors and tourists.

The beach of Es Migjorn, being the longest in Formentera, offers all kinds of services and different places to enjoy it the way you like best.

It is a large sandy area, which occupies the entire southern part of the island, and is almost 5 kilometres long, from the area of Es Mal Pas to Es Ram further east.

Surrounded by pine and juniper forests you will find along the beach all kinds of nooks and restaurants or “chiringuitos (beach bars) where you can rest from the sun and enjoy.

A wooden walkway crosses part of the beach, as a promenade, so if you don’t like the sand too much you can take a walk and enjoy the beach in your own way.

It is the area with less light pollution on the island so, on new moon nights, you will see thousands of stars around you. And you can make a wish for every shooting star you capture!

As an idea for a romantic date, you can take a few candles, a couple of glasses of wine and some snacks while you listen to the sea and contemplate the sky above you. It will be one of those moments difficult to forget.

And, without a doubt, it is a beach to visit as a family, since you have at your disposal all the comforts you may need if you go with children.

As a curiosity, history says that it is here that the pirates arriving on the island disembarked. None remained, but even so it is a good idea to watch your belongings in peak summer, so no pirate can take away your treasures.

Also, one of the wonderful things of Formentera, is that if there is wind on one side of the island, then the other side is calm, so on days with northern wind this is the best beach to enjoy a quiet swim.

So, on your next visit to Formentera, the beach of Mitjorn is waiting for you.