Flower Power parties of Formentera 2018

With the summer come the most anticipated parties of the year for both tourists and residents of the Pitiusan Islands. And we are not talking about the parties and events of the macro-clubs of Ibiza, but about the Flower Power parties of Formentera.

All types of audiences are welcome, as long as they are willing to dance and sing 60s, 80s and 90s songs for hours on end. There is no specific dress code, but any garment with flowers or headbands and necklaces will make you feel more integrated in the party.

Grown-ups, children, teenagers, tourists, locals, workers … share dances and songs throughout the night.

Of course, embarrassment should be left at home, in the hotel or on the boat. It is very likely to end the night with heart-shaped pink glasses, a multicoloured wig or with daisies painted all over your face.

But that’s how flower power parties are, to enjoy them to the fullest you have to let yourself be carried away by their hippie spirit.

Although the truth is that little is left of the parties that the hippies who came to Formentera held back then. Now, the parties are more a medley of costumes and colours, and the only thing that endures is the desire to have fun.

Accompanying the stage around which the party runs, lots of food, drink and craft stalls decorate the parallel streets, and are part of the festive atmosphere of each village. They are also a key part to be able to get a rest and pause between all that dancing to regain strength.

So take out the pen and the agenda and write down the dates of this summer’s flower power parties in Formentera. Try to match your visit to the island with any of these, and we promise you will not regret it:

June 16 – Flower Power at La Mola
July 7 – Flower Power Beach in Es Pujols
July 21 – Flower Power in Sant Francesc

The latter is the oldest and the most popular, and also the most crowded. The first activities for children start from 20:30 in the afternoon and from midnight grown-ups are the ones who occupy the main square of the village with their fun outfits, eager to enjoy the night.

If you have not been to one of Formentera’s flower power before, this summer you can not miss them. And if you already know them, take your wig out of the closet and enjoy the funniest party of the year.