Discover what to see in Formentera by car

Formentera is an island that is better lived and discovered slowly, without haste. But sometimes, we do not have enough time to get to know her that way. So renting a car in Formentera can be a good idea to save time and do more kilometres.

Also, for those who have no experience in driving motorbikes a car is much safer. During the high season months, the island is full of tourists on motorbikes, some of them quite inexperienced, and accidents happen some of the time.

If you decide to rent a car for your holidays in Formentera, here are some tips to enjoy the island to its fullest.

The first recommendation is that you rent your vehicle in a trustworthy company, with its own workshop on the island, to avoid surprises and bad experiences. At Formotor we promise to take care of you!

After that, make a list of the places you want to see and make your final choice depending on the time you have.

Which places should you prioritize if you are short of time?

The cliff of La Mola

It is espectacular, and the road to get there is beautiful. There is a viewpoint halfway, at the top of the hill, from which the whole island can be seen. Making a stop to contemplate the beauty and uniqueness of Formentera is a must!

The beach of Illetes

Since it is located in a protected natural park, vehicle access is limited. So depending on the time you go you might find long queues and even closed access when the parking is full.

So, if you go by car, we recommend that you go first hour, and that you take the opportunity to have your first swim of the day. It will be a unique and refreshing experience.

This beach is really worth the visit, so do try to get up early and make the most of this beach in the early hours of sun.

The lighthouse of Cap de Barbaria

In addition to being very beautiful and famous (for appearing in the film Lucia and Sex), the narrow path to reach the lighthouse makes it even more special. But…

Trying to get to the lighthouse in summer, by car, is not only a bad idea, it is actually impossible. Since last year, vehicles have limited access during high season to avoid large crowds, and can it can only be accessed on foot or on bicycle.

To visit the lighthouse, try to choose hours when the sun is not so strong and go well prepared because it is a bit of an excursion.