25 things to do in Formentera at least once in your life

Formentera is pure essence of the Mediterranean, with its 82 km of land and World Heritage posidonia, it is is one of the best beaches of all Spain.

It is a small island, in fact the smallest of the Balearic Islands, with a mild climate and a spectacular natural environment. Although most visitors are attracted by its beaches, there are plenty of things to visit.

Here is our list of THE things you must do  in Formentera (at least once in your life):

  1. Forget about time and the rest of the world and really live live every second of your trip.
  2. Don’t try to change that silly smile of foolish happiness that you have when you are in Formentera.
  3. Rent a car or a motorbike to travel all the island.
  4. Rent a bike and choose a place to pedal like Illetes.
  5. Discover the most rural area and walk along its inland paths.
  6. Dive in its hypnotic crystalline waters.
  7. Swim in Cala Saona.
  8. Swim in the Beach of Migjorn.
  9. Take a snack in any of the bars.
  10. Take a boat trip around the island, you’ll be amazed by its landscapes.
  11. Visit the lighthouse and the caves of Barbaria, where “Sex and Lucia” was filmed.
  12. Enjoy a sunset from the lighthouse of Barbaria.
  13. Visit the lighthouse of La Mola and see all Formentera from above.
  14. Visit the biggest fig tree of the island “Na Blanca d’en Mestre” and, obviously, take a photo.
  15. Taste the Peix Sec (dried fish).
  16. Sit at a terrace and have a drink in the Plaza de San Francesc.
  17. Get lost at some deserted cove, on a path not marked in that tourist map.
  18. Walk on the ancient Roman road (Camí de Sa Pujada) in Es Caló.
  19. Listen to live music in the Plaza de San Ferran.
  20. Visit some of the markets and to buy some souvenirs, you won’t be able to leave empty-handed.
  21. Go to one of the Flower Power parties held in summer and enjoy it to the fullest dressed up hippie style, of course.
  22. Get lost on the road and discover unmarked places.
  23. Cross over to the island of Espalmador and bathe in its beach.
  24. Take some selfies all over the island and share them on your social networks just to show the world the beauty that surrounds you.
  25. Become a fan of @formotor on social networks (you can choose Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. =)

We will be back to suggest some other 25, because the truth is that there are more of them.

Live and enjoy Formentera!