Formotor’s New Year Resolutions

Dear friends,

A new year begins and with this, we begin a book of 365 pages full of adventures, learning and new resolutions.

We will tell you about our adventures and learnings throughout the year in this blog. And as for the resolutions we have to make them now since, after a few days of rest and family gatherings, we are full of energy (of shrimps, ‘polvorones’, roscón …) and especially of illusion in the year that begins.

RESOLUTION 1: Close attention

If something characterizes us is our customers’ loyalty. Throughout the year tourists from all over the world and residents of the Pitiusas trust Formotor for the rental of their car or motorcycle in Formentera.

And it is not because we are very handsome (that we are) but because of the kindness, the close attention of our team, the quick service of our workshop and the diversity of languages with which we communicate with customers. Maintaining this level of service, and never losing our smile, is our main resolution.

PURPOSE 2: Fast service

Last year we expanded our offices to serve you in a much more efficient way. In the high season months, you can find long queues of tourists who arrive at the same time from the boat. But with this expansion, we have managed to considerably reduce the waiting time.

Our resolution will be to further facilitate the registration and expand the delivery and collection points so that once you step on Formentera it only takes a few minutes to arrange your transport on the island.

PURPOSE 3: Reliable and interesting information

Information is power, so we promise to continue to be a source of direct and reliable information about everything that happens on the island, as well as our news and services.

Our resolution is to become a channel of interest on Formentera, through articles on the blog and our social networks with interesting content about the island, its beaches, events and activities.

PURPOSE 4: Commitment to sport

As lovers of sports and health in this new year, we are committed to support and give information on all sporting events that take place on the island, as well as to create special offers for athletes and for family and friends who come to encourage.

Let’s toast for a new year full of wonderful experiences together!