What to see in Formentera: ES CALÓ DE SANT AGUSTÍ

Every corner of the small island of Formentera radiates a special magic. That is why we will dedicate a special space in this blog to each of its villages and beaches.

We already told you what to do in San Ferran de Ses Roques, and today we want to make you fall in love with the small town of Es Caló de Sant Agustí. 

Popularly known as Es Caló, this corner of the island reflects the unique essence of Formentera. It is located on the north coast and you will find it on your way to La Mola.

Its small white houses, its coves to snorkel, its white sand beaches and crystal clear waters will hook you from the first minute. Its spectacular natural environment of unparalleled beauty and the characteristic fishermen piers of the area will make you feel very very… in peace.

To spend a relaxing day, without hurries nor phones, and with good company is the best therapy to remember that life is a gift.

What to do in Es Caló with friends?

The perfect excuse to get together with friends is to give yourself a treat at Es Caló restaurant. Book in advance to make sure you have a place, as it is one of the best known restaurants on the island.

Its success is easily explained: a simple and traditional kitchen with a maximum respect for the quality of the product and located in a spectacular enclave.

It is a little gem in Formentera that is gradually receiving recognition beyond the Pitiusas. Last October it was awarded by Tripadvisor Traveller’s Choice as the fourth best restaurant in Spain.

The perfect plan (although to each his own) is to arrive a few hours before to enjoy some of the nearby beaches and dive, sunbathe, take a bath or swim to whet your appetite. After the feast a good idea is to stay in the area with sofas offered by the restaurant to drink a digestive accompanied by laughter and stories between friends.

What to do in Es Caló as a family?

A picnic on the beach. Start the day by taking a walk through the piers and little coves in the area to find that corner where you can spend a great day of sun, shovels, picnic and if there is energy left after,  an afternoon snack.

Es Caló has a special energy that will make you feel both at home and in paradise. What more could you want?

Pic by Restaurante Es Caló