Formentera, from lighthouse to lighthouse!

Everyone who comes to the island of Formentera for the first time has, on their route, the almost obligatory visit to the famous lighthouses of Cap de Barbería and La Mola.

Just getting down from the boat that arrives at the port of la Savina we can see the first lighthouse, the lighthouse of La Savina. The lighthouse that guides the boats at night in their navigation routes, located on rocks near the port and very close to the lake “Estany des peix” (fish pond), due to the amount of fish found in this almost completely closed lagoon.

May the light guide you…

On leaving the port of La Savina, we find a straight road that leads to the capital of the island, Sant Francesc reaching the Lighthouse Cap de Barbaria. Before it was possible to stop directly at foot of the lighthouse, but now, to protect the area there’s a parking where you must leave your car and, from there, walk along a narrow asphalt road.

This lighthouse located 78 meters above the sea on the cliffs, has become especially famous for films like Sex and Lucia. It gets its name for having been a place frequented by pirates and Berber due to the proximity to Algeria.

Under the lighthouse, there is a small cave called “cova foradada”. You can enter through a crack and there is usually a rather unstable wooden ladder where you have to be careful when getting down.

This hole in the ground is a cave that overlooks the cliff with stunning views of the sea. Without a doubt, it is a unique place from which to admire a beautiful sunset, breathe the sea breeze and simply enjoy the scenery.

In el Pilar de la Mola, the highest and eastern point of the island we find the emblematic Lighthouse of La Mola, located on impressive cliffs of 200 meters.

This lighthouse is famous because, according to the legend, it inspired Julio Verne for its novels “Héctor Serdavac” and “The lighthouse of the end of the world”.

Another impressive postcard to immortalize your visit, with a spectacular photo on its cliffs and the lighthouse in the background.

Formentera traps you, and the lighthouses along its beaches and cliffs, are to blame for the need to return every year to connect with this magical island.