Formentera is much more than beaches.

Its villages are small treasures where you can discover the most authentic island, get to know the villagers and learn the stories of those who’ve known the island before the Italians even knew it existed.

This is the real Formentera, the one of traditions and customs, the one of peasants and fig trees, the one that hooks you inside and does not let you go.

In the off-season months, it is a pleasure to visit the island and enjoy the uniqueness of its villages.

These are some of the most charming villages of Formentera:

screen-shot-11-14-17-at-05-10-pmSant Francesc Xavier

The capital of Formentera, where you can find all kinds of shops, restaurants and bars. But its charm lies in its white streets and its main square, presided by the church of San Francisco (built in the eighteenth century) and the town hall.

It is worth taking a walk through the town seeing its beautiful shops, full of taste and attention to detail. And to finish the visit, give yourself a few minutes to sit on the little square just to observe and fill yourself with the calm of the place.

screen-shot-11-14-17-at-05-09-pmEs Caló

At the foot of La Mola, we find Es Caló, a quiet fishing village formed by small houses, some shops and restaurants.

Its magic resides in the piers that decorate the coastline, with a water of turquoise and blue colours so impressive that you could spend hours sitting there, watching the sea and the swaying of the waves.

But Es Caló has more corners to offer, a few metres walk from the town you can find some white sand coves, in which to keep disconnecting from the world.

screen-shot-11-14-17-at-05-11-pm-001Es Pujols

To counteract the tranquillity of Es Caló, I propose a trip to the village of Es Pujols, the most touristic of Formentera.

It is without a doubt the busiest, but equally beautiful and a must-see.

What you love in Es Pujols are its beaches, where you will always find a special place to take an unrepeatable swim due to its crystal clear waters. (If you find a place in the world with more transparent water, please tell us about it).

And what hooks of this town is its liveliness. The good atmosphere of Es Pujols is second to none, with shops, restaurants, different lodgings and a very healthy and fun nightlife.

Enter and connect with the essence of this wonderful island, which has much more to show you than some of the Best Beaches in the World.


Pic by @holidaysinformentera