5 reasons to visit Formentera during the low season

Whether you’ve been to the island before or not, enjoying Formentera off-season is a completely different and equally satisfying experience.

The vast majority of tourists usually choose, by inertia or habit, the summer months to visit the island. But those of us who live here all year long have our favourite months and, with few exceptions, they are never July or August.

If Formentera is already wonderful, amazing, exciting, incredible and authentic in these months, just imagine how it will be in spring or autumn when you can still enjoy the beaches and good weather.

And in case I have not convinced you yet, here are 5 reasons to visit Formentera during the low season.

1. Walk through paradisiacal beaches and contemplate the sunset practically alone.

The turquoise beaches of Formentera, its sunrises and sunsets are enjoyed throughout the year, but without tourists or boats, they become moments very difficult to forget.

2. Prices are much cheaper.

Hotels and restaurants open during low-season offer the visitor and the resident much more accessible prices and a better service.

3. Get to know the local Formentera, the true essence of the island.

Talking to the villagers and sharing a coffee is much easier in these months when time seems to stop and the rhythm of the island goes down

4. Travel by motorcycle or car without traffic and without waiting long queues.

Hundreds of vehicles take over the island in summer and it can be tricky to get around them on some roads. Also during the summer, access to some beaches is restricted and if you do not arrive early, you won’t be able to get in.

In low season, it is a pleasure to rent a motorbike in Formentera and enjoy the island just for you.

5. The weather is more pleasant

Formentera does not have many shades (except for its famous fig trees), so the warm, but not scorching hot, temperatures of the spring and autumn months are very much appreciated.

So if you were thinking about a getaway in the next few months and you were not sure about the destination, come and marvel at the smallest of the Pitiusas Islands, and then tell us about your experience.

There is only one ‘small’ disadvantage of coming to Formentera during the low season. Once you discover its true beauty, it will be difficult to travel the world and find places as magical as this one. But … we have already warned you!